$2012 Budget

Ledger Balance: $2012

Purchase 1986 Ford Escort Base Car:

Escort Reciept

Debit $500 Ledger Balance: $1512

Purchase 1997 Lincoln Continental, for the rear power train

Debit $550 Ledger Balance: $962

Purchase 1999 Ford Contour, for front Engine

Debit $500 Ledger Balance: $462

Purchase Megasquirt II with daughterboard and wideband

Debit $156 Ledger Balance: $306

Sold the almost-new looking battery out of the Contour

Credit $25 Ledger Balance: $331

Sold Contour tires (included labor in the deal)

Credit $100 Ledger Balance: $431

Sold Contour stereo

Credit $100 Ledger Balance: $531

Sold Contour body

Credit $300 Ledger Balance $831

Bought Fuel cell

Debit $125 Ledger Balance $706

Bought Roll cage tubing

Debit $166 Ledger Balance $540

Bought MSII with spark control and larger injectors for V8

Debit $265 Ledger Balance $275

Sold Wideband O2 sensor (not using)

Credit $60 Ledger balance $335


Sold headlights and grill off of Lincoln

Credit $100 Ledger Balance $435

Sold Lincoln body for scrap

Credit $100 Ledger Balance $535

Bought sheet metal for firewall, fender flares.

Debit $62 Ledger Balance $473

Bought Megashift GPIO

Debit $402.95 Ledger balance $70.05

Bought raw material for aluminum whatnot

Debit $50 Ledger balance $20.05

Sold Contour 15″ aluminum rims

Credit $150 Ledger balance $170.05

Sold Lincoln 16″ aluminum rims

Credit $100 Ledger balance $280.05


The following parts were actually donated to the cause, or were already lying around in the garage, FMV has been assigned to them and deducted from the ledger balance.

17″ 3-spoke Mustang rims, with ex-Chumpcar Star Spec tires: $200

15.5″ Aluminum racing seat and belts (was cast-off from other Chumpcar racer, no cover): $40

Crappy LCD monitor with a hazy spot: Legitimately free

Power inverter, USB hub, obsolete tablet PC, and assorted electronic whatnot, scrap steel drops for brackets and whatnot: $40

Debit $280 Ledger balance $0.05

Making it to the GRM challenge with $0.05 to spare… PRICELESS.

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