Making a comeback

After about a year of messing around with BMW’s, the Little Lamb-orghini will be making a comeback as a V8-only, paddle shifted, ~2500lb midengine hyper car. Details as they develop.


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Little Lambs car show a success!

The Little Lambs car show is now behind us, Congrats to Bob Sonntag, winner of the fan favorite award, and a case of Royal Purple, with his 1972 Datsun 1200 race car. Thanks to all who came out. Had a great mix of cars from colorful donked American Iron to road racing cars, to street drag cars, to daily drivers. Weather couldn’t have been better. I think a good time was had by all.

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Co-driver needed for THIS SATURDAY’S Peppermint Rally!

I need a co-driver for this Saturday’s Peppermint Road Rally in the Little Lamb-o. If I get more than one offer to co-drive, the job goes to the best pledged donation to Little Lambs of Evansville, silent auction style. Want to ride shotgun, and even drive a leg for a twisty TSD rally starting and finishing in lovely French Lick, Indiana? Check out the rally details on their Facebook page. Meet in French Lick, or ride out there in the Lamb-o, departing from Evansville at 6AM in the morning Saturday.

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Little Lamb-o goes DRIFTING

EDIT: Event postponed on account of possible bad weather. :-(

Hey Lamb-o fans – Come see me show of (or more likely, embarrass myself) in front of the St Louis drift scene attempting to drive the Lamb-o sideways on purpose at Gateway Motorsports park tomorrow. $10 gets you in the door, and with permission of the organizer I’ll be taking donations for Little Lambs in exchange for ride-alongs, so bring your helmet.

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We’re in News4U!

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Road America – CHECK

We’re back from Road America in one piece, mostly. The car is fast and competitive when it works, but we’re still working on making it fast AND reliable. Road America was not a total loss, though – despite not seeing the checker both days we still finished almost mid-pack! There was just that much attrition.

Chumpcar awarded us an engineering award – I was thrilled!

And to top it all off, I added up the donations for Little Lambs, and when I posted on the Chumpcar Forum that we had raised $452.36 for Little Lambs, John Condren, organizer of Chumpcar personally rounded up the donation to $1000! How cool is that?!?

We also got an opportunity to pitch in along with all our other competitors with Chumpcar’s Build-a-Bike program to help out the Boys & Girls Club of Sheboygan.

All told, it was a great weekend. Good times with friends, and other than a little snow and some cold winds, reasonably nice weather.  We WILL live to race again. And if we can keep the car making laps for the whole race we WILL be a contender.


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Plenty of room left for sponsorship!

Just a week away from Road America, and there’s still plenty of empty blue space on the car for your name, or the name of your business. You can get your name or any message graphic of your choosing (within reasonably good taste, of course) on the Little Lamborghini for just $5/square inch, minimum $50. 100% of your monetary donation is tax-deductible and goes DIRECTLY to Little Lambs. Material sponsors are also welcome, and displayed on the car relative to the value of their material contribution. You can even pay with PayPal at the Little Lambs website Put in the paypal notes that you’d like to be on the Little Lamb-orghini, and follow up with an email to to make sure I get your graphics cut how you’d like them.

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Sticker Party!

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Looking for partner and financier for BABE8

Well, there’s no real budget left for the BABE. And my wife and best friend, both of which who have traveled thousands of miles in the Little Lamb-orghini have outright refused to go on BABE8 with me. So that leaves me surfing the internet for a stranger or friend willing to share driving and navigating this deathtrap rally car. But hey, she is (in)famous now, with mentions in Jalopnik, eBay Motors blog, Grassroots Motorsports, even Evansville area entertainment publication News4U. And it’s not like there’s no creature comforts – the windows roll up and down (with a little help) and the doors open and close. What more could a person possibly want? All wheel drive, 400+bhp and a racing pedigree? OK fine, I’ll throw that in too.

So who wants to sponsor and codrive the Little Lamb-orghini? Your waist must be 36” or smaller and your legs can’t belong to someone over 6’2” to comfortably fit in the driver’s seat. I can bring the car, and pay for fuel to the start line and the fuel back to home if you can pick up everything else. I’ll throw in a teeshirt too.

Contact me direct moore at ciholas dot com

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The ‘Chumptastic’ blue paint job

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